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Observation Care provides care for up to 48 hours. This gives the physician time to access the patientís needs and decide if the patient should be admitted into acute care, transferred to a facility with additional capabilities, or discharged.

Acute Care is designed for patients who are acutely ill and whose estimated length of stay is 96 hours or less. If your physician determines that you will require hospitalization for a longer period of time, options will be discussed at that time. These options may include a transfer to another facility; or if your condition is stabilized, transfer to the skilled level of care at Keokuk County Health Center; or transfer to long term care status.

Skilled Care is an intensive level of care that must follow an acute hospitalization stay of at least 72 hours in length. This level of care is utilized for patients needing continued care in order to reach their maximum potential.

Hospice Care for patients with a terminal illness whose main goal involves comfort measures and quality of life issues in the final six months of life.

Respite Care for Medicaid patients whose primary care giver needs a rest from providing 24 hours a day care to their loved one.

Extended Care, which is similar to nursing home care, is available on a private pay basis.

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