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Physical Therapy - Debi Fritz, PT, Kay Graham, PT, Megan Cason, PTA, Teigha Merchant, PTA, and Jamie Martin, PTA. Physical Therapists are licensed therapists who, when ordered by the patient's provider, perform evaluations, testing, and treatment to those with physical therapy disabilities. This is done though the use of special exercise, application of heat or cold, use of sonar wave, and other techniques. Physical Therapy is utilized to treat disorders by using physical agents and methods, such as massage, manipulation, therapeutic exercise, cold, heat, hydrotherapy, electric stimulation and light which assists the patients in returning to their normal function after an illness or injury. The physical therapist also assists in pain management, and provides work/recreational specific injury prevention programs.

Speech Therapy - Speech Therapists are licensed therapists who, when ordered by the patient's provider perform evaluations of language abilities, auditory process and speech production, and clinical treatment of children or adults with speech and language disorders. KCHC speech and language pathologists perform a variety of services to help achieve your highest level of communication and/or swallowing skills. These include: swallowing therapy, cognitive retraining, voice therapy, language therapy, pediatric therapy, exercise programs, and articulation therapy.

For more information about our Therapy Services contact Debi Fritz, PT at (641)-622-2720.